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*For guidance only. A full clinical assessment will be made before beginning therapy

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The FADE Approach


Reduce the pain response

The mind is a powerful ally in your battle with physical pain. One great example is Hypnoanalgesia – hypnosis pain relief – now regularly used during complex dental operations, childbirth and even brain surgery (I kid you not). Studies show that among other things we can use the mind to influence the central and peripheral nervous systems and make long term changes in how the brain responds to chronic or persistent pain.


Remove hidden Triggers & Amplifiers

The two way connection between mind and body is well documented. What we think affects how we feel and how we feel affects what we think – e.g. the pain → stress → pain vicious circle. Of course we’re not always aware of our thought processes or the impact they’re having on us. By identifying and removing these hidden triggers and amplifiers we can help you break the vicious circles, reduce suffering and get on with living the life you want to live.


Secure Change for life

Our aim is to help you make suffering from chronic pain a much less significant – or non-existent – part of your life. And to keep it that way. We want to help you fully engage with the life you want to live. But of course, life can get messy and changes in circumstances or physical conditions can affect you. That’s why a key part of the therapy process is to help you develop the skills you’ll need to stay on track, whatever life – and your career – throws at you.

take back control

evidence based Therapy

For centuries people have struggled to deal with chronic pain, mistakenly believing it to be little more than acute pain that won’t stop. As a result treatments have been frustratingly hit and miss. Fortunately those days are coming to an end

Thanks to advances in neuroscience and pain research we now have a much more detailed understanding of chronic pain – and how best to overcome it.


We’re delighted you found us

The FADE program is built on the evidence-based biopsychosocial (mind-body) model, recognised by the world’s leading researchers and clinicians as the most effective chronic pain model. Our treatment combines specialist therapy with a scientific approach to clinical hypnosis that can help our clients achieve powerful results.


But we’re not in the business of making outlandish claims or false promises. This therapy is not right for everyone. We only want you to make the investment in this program if it’s going to help you. That’s why our application process includes a free initial consultation with a full assessment to determine how likely you are to benefit.


Get your life back


Effective pain therapy is based on solid scientific principles: The brain influences what happens in the body. The mind influences what happens in the brain. We can use our mind to influence what happens in the body – including how we experience pain (you can read more about this here)


So, whether you were recommended by a doctor or a friend, discovered us on google or followed us on social media, we’re glad you’ve finally found us – because there’s a good chance we can help.

Dip.CBH, Dip. SMRB

Take our short questionnaire to See if our Specialist hypnotherapy 
could help you overcome your pain

*For guidance only. A full clinical assessment will be made before beginning therapy.

treatment options

Choose between therapy sessions at our clinic or from the convenience of your own home or office via our encrypted online telehealth platform. We offer early morning, lunchtime and weekend appointments to suit your diary.

UK Clinic

A relaxed, modern clinic located in the heart of the North West of England. The clinic is ideally situated between Manchester and Liverpool and easily accessed from the A580, M6, M61 and M62.

At Home

For those who aren’t able to get to the clinic or would prefer to receive treatment from the comfort of their home or office we have a popular online facility for individual and group sessions.

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