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Chronic pain can be overcome

FADE is an effective, evidence-based approach to making suffering from chronic pain a thing of the past. Reflecting significant recent advances in pain science, FADE uses a combination of clinical hypnosis and proven specialist therapies that have helped thousands of people overcome chronic pain.

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Science Applied

The FADE Approach


Reduce the pain response

The mind is a powerful ally in your battle with physical pain. One great example is Hypnoanalgesia – hypnosis pain relief – now regularly used during complex dental operations, childbirth and even brain surgery. Studies show that among other things we can use the mind to influence the central and peripheral nervous systems and make long term changes in how the brain responds to chronic or persistent pain.


Remove hidden Triggers & Amplifiers

The two way connection between mind and body is well documented. What we think affects how we feel and how we feel affects what we think – e.g. the pain → stress → pain vicious circle. Of course we’re not always aware of our thought processes or the impact they’re having on us. Identifying and removing these hidden triggers and amplifiers can help you break the vicious circles, reduce suffering and get on with living the life you want to live.


Secure Change for life

The aim is to help you make suffering from chronic pain a much less significant – or non-existent – part of your life. And to keep it that way. So you can start fully engaging with the life you want to live. But of course, life can get messy and changes in circumstances or physical conditions can affect you. That’s why a key part of the therapy process is to help you develop the skills you’ll need to stay on track, whatever life – and your career – throws at you.

Treatment Options

Choose between therapy sessions in clinic or from the convenience of your own home or office via an encrypted Telehealth platform.

UK Clinic

A relaxed, modern clinic located in the heart of the North West of England. The clinic is ideally situated between Manchester and Liverpool and easily accessed from the A580, M6, M61 and M62. (not available at the moment)

At Home

For those who aren’t able to get to the clinic or would prefer to receive treatment from the comfort of their home or office the secure online facility is perfect for individual and group sessions.

Could you overcome your pain?

Is Your Doctor Satisfied That Your Pain Is NOT The Result Of A Tumour, Heart Disease, Stroke, Infection, Nerve Damage Or An Autoimmune Disease?

These conditions are best treated medically and while therapy can help reduce pain and anxiety symptoms there is no evidence that therapy can help overcome themThe type of conditions that can be effectively addressed include back and neck pain, chronic fatigue, CRPS, fibromyalgia, IBS, RSI, TMJ, tension headaches and whiplash. There are many others and a full assessment will be made before treatment (including consulting your doctor where appropriate) to determine how well your pain condition is likely to respond. This therapy does not work for everyone and you only want to invest time and money if there’s a good chance you’ll see results.

Are You Ready To Take Back Control?

It may seem like a silly question but not everybody is. Taking back control means letting go of the belief that someone else is responsible for taking your pain away. Understandably, some people take longer than others to get to this point.

Are You Prepared To do the Work needed to Overcome Your Pain?

This therapy program is flexible but it does involve a weekly one to one session (in person or online) and also a commitment to spend around 20 minutes a day between sessions. Healing from chronic pain is a process. You will get the support and tools you need to help you overcome your pain but you need to put them into action. Some people will see results quite quickly while others might take a little longer. No two people are the same.

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I know from personal experience how chronic pain can impact your life and career, and what a difference Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy can make. This is why I transitioned out of a successful career as a writer and director to become a pain therapist. 

If I’m going to do a job I like to do it properly, which is why in addition to qualifying as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist I’m also a qualified in Stress Management and had specialist training from the world’s leading Acceptance and Commitment Therapist, Russ Harris, the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute, The Royal Society of Medicine and The Psychophysiologic Disorder Association. I look forward to using the knowledge and experience I’ve gained to help you overcome your pain.

Paul Brannigan FADE Pain Therapist